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What Should Do If The Diesel Engine Leaks Oil

1.Injector back to oil

The injector is a precision part. If the diesel engine uses unclean diesel or the machine is used for a long time, it will return to oil due to the wear of the injector. To avoid oil return, the oil can be led back to the tank through a return line or a diesel filter can be introduced. If the return line is damaged, a plastic tube can be used to introduce the oil into the self-contained container, which is filtered and then returned to the tank.

2.Part of the oil spill

If the gasket of the oil pipe hollow screw is not flat, remove the gasket, smooth it and put it on the pad. If it can not solve the problem, replace it with a new one, or cut it with a thick soft plastic material and replace it with a gasket; plastic oil pipe and metal joint Oil leakage is mostly caused by hardening or rupture of plastic oil pipeline. It can be cut hardened and cracked, then hot water is hot, hot on metal joints, and then tied with metal wire; metal oil pipeline is broken and oil leakage, can be The rupture is welded. In addition, in order to prevent the oil pipeline from rupturing, the camber should be suitable when installing the oil pipeline. Do not force installation, and the pipe body should not be in contact with the fuselage.

3.Valve chamber cover oil leakage

When the valve chamber cover is installed, if the fastening force is too large, it is easy to deform and leak oil. At this time, the oil leaking valve chamber cover can be removed, and the wooden rod can be carefully smashed and shaped to restore the contact surface, and then the gasket can be placed and installed.

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