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The Use And Maintenance Of Diesel Engine Cooling System

Diesel engine cooling system, the deterioration of the technical state, will directly affect the normal operation of diesel engines.

Therefore, in the use of cooling system must pay attention to the following points:

(1) try to use snow, rain and other soft water for cooling water.

(2) to maintain the appropriate water, that is, the water chamber shall not be lower than the inlet pipe below the 8mm, too low should make up in time.

(3) master the correct method of adding water and water. Diesel engine overheating, you can not immediately add cold water, should be unloaded load, until the water temperature drop in the running state with a small stream slowly.

(4) to maintain the normal temperature of the diesel engine.

(5) Check the belt tension.

(6) check the pump water leakage, observe the water pump drain water leakage, parking within 3min should not exceed 6 drops, too much should be replaced when the water seal.

(7)Water pump shaft bearings should be regularly lubricated. When the diesel engine work 50h, should be filled to the pump shaft bearing butter.

(8) engine work to 1000h or so should be cleaned cooling system scale.

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